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Match report RCD Mallorca B 0 - UE Cornellà 3

Mallorca B had a rough evening yesterday at Son Bibiloni. Olaizola boys were overwhelmed by UE Cornella, who took three points home back to Catalonia. The Reds' quality was not enough and certain isolated mistakes penalized a team that was on a two-game winning run.

RCDM Chairman Monti Galmes witnessed the game and was able to check how the Academy team was a clear dominator of the 90 minutes where many chances were seen, especially in the first half. But it was Cornella who stroke first in the 22th minute with a fine finishing from Marc Caballe. The Catalan exploited the weaknesses of the Reds. Both teams fought hard in the centre of the pitch in order to create new opportunities to score. It was a clash of styles, Mallorca with creation and Cornella with destruction and counters.


In the second half, when Angel Sanchez was subbed in the locals managed to add some speed to their game and seemed they were close to levelling the score, or even coming back, but that did not happen. The attacking strategy used by our Academy team was exploited by a Cornella side who by means of two counterattacks finished off by Enric sealed a 3-0 away from home.

Apart from the gloomy result, the image portrayed by the Academy side was positive. On top of that, Olaizola was able to select again Baba and One, who made the squad for the game, after recovering from their injuries. A few minutes ahead of the game Fernando Cano was discarded from the starting XI after the injury he had resurfaced.


RCD Malorca B: Valens, Juanjo, Pol, Raúl, Antoine, Serrano, Cortés, Tià (Stephen 66′), Rodado, Enzo (Ángel 55′), James.

UE Cornellà: Marcos, Pere, Ñoño, Borja, Uche, David, Gómez, Marc Caballé (Antonio 74′), Enric, Puerto (Ahmed 79′), Lucas (Pep Caballé 69′).

Photos: FútbolMallorca