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Match report Levante UD 2 RCD Mallorca 1

Vázquez disciples score first but leaders come back on two set pieces parados

RCD Mallorca have lost two one to Levante in a game with lots of midfield action and few chances. The Vazquez-managed footballers got an early lead with Ansotegui’s header, but the leaders managed to turn the score around with two set pieces.

The match begun with the local players actively seeking Cabrero’s goal. For the first minutes the home side cornered Mallorca. Gradually the Reds established themselves in the pitch and wanted the ball.

Possession was shared and suddenly the Balearics got the lead. It was in the 12th minute and a free kick was awarded on the wing. Ansotegui headed down the cross past Raul and Vazquez was grinning, we were ahead.

The goal changed nothing in Levante’s head. Their right wing was their saviour. A corner in the 17th minute led to the draw. Another header, this time from Chema.

The game initiated a boring phase with lots of defensive and midfielding work. High pressure prevented the show to go on. Moutinho was the only one to attempt but his shot after some nice dribbling went too high.

In the second half low-tempo action resumed. Little clarity in the final yards. Damia Sabater in the 57th minute took a shot from outside the box that kissed the post and two minutes later, the home side turned it around. Cabrero thumber a Roger’s ball away, but in the rebound, Lerma fished it and booted in an spectacular ball to the top corner to put their side on advantage.

The islanders pushed up and Vazquez subbed Lekic in, changing the strategy laid before. With him the team had more aggresivity up front, with lacking chances really. In the 89th minute, Lekic did have a firing moment after a fine Lago cross, but his header flew high. Into injury time, Salomao dribbled in a Neymar fashion yet wound up too worn out to shot with enough power and made it easy for goalkeeper Raul to block it.