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Martin Valjent: ‘It doesn’t matter which team you support, we’re in this war together’

The defender discussed the footballing community's response to the Covid-19 outbreak with our Play Red podcast

Martin Valjent has stressed the importance of worldwide unity in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Spain is among the countries with the highest number of recorded cases internationally and with citizens in lockdown for the foreseeable future, the defender says he’s been impressed with how communities inside and outside of football have come together.

“The whole country is not speaking about whether you're afan of one team or another, or if you like this sport or that sport,” he told Play Red. “This is one war, but we're in this war all together. Everyone all over the world is in this sitiation, and I think it’s important to respect that and be strong together. I’m sure we can beat this virus all together. 

“All I can just say a big thanks to workers, doctors and everyone who is doing something to make this situation better in hospital or also in a different form. It’s not a nice situation for people who are suffering with this virus. With this, it’s really, really important to respect the regulations, be at home and not do stupid things. If they tell you to be at home, be at home and hope the situation will be better.”

Having represented Italian sides Ternana and Chievo - a team based in Veneto, one of the hardest hit areas of the country - prior to arriving at Son Moix, Valjent has witnessed the extent of which Covid-19 has spread.

“It’s a country where I played for five years,” he said “I listen to people who are living in Italy, and of course, they tell me it’s not easy. They have been at home for more time already than here in Spain. They tell me the only way to make this situation better is to be positive, try to do some creative things with your family, child or whatever you have at home, or when you are alone, take time to relax and to do a lot of things by yourself. They tell me that the situation is a little better and it’s going a little bit better than before.”