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Manolo Reina and Leo Suarez analyze the 0-1 victory against Málaga

Manolo Reina

Match rating

"In defense we have been practically perfect, we knew that they would carry the weight and squeeze. We have also had a couple of very clear occasions. In these fields you have to suffer and do things very well to add". "We are delighted, these are the games that we like to play for players. Today we played a lot and away from home, we already had to face".

Next match

"Now we have the match against Sporting at home, which will also be very complicated. There is not much left and we have to grit our teeth and give everything".

Son Moix

"The games at home with our people we have to make Son Moix is ​​to burst if we want to get something beautiful".

Leo Suarez

Your goal

"I really wanted to score and finally it was given to me. I'm very happy. It's an important goal for the team, to take the three points from this difficult field". "It was a very complicated game, we did very well things defensively and then we knew how to take advantage and score".

Victory to Málaga

"Three very important points, but now to think about the next match and try to do things right at home to get three more points. We continue match by match, we always thinking about the coming weekend".

The adaptation to the team

"It's hard to come up with the pace that the teammates have. I try to work and add up for the remaining matches".