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Luis García Plaza: ‘We will get through this by fighting and suffering’

The boss reflected on the defeat to CA Osasuna in his post-match press conference

Luis García Plaza spoke with the media after our 3-2 defeat to CA Osasuna at the Visit Mallorca Estadi. Find out what the boss had to say about the loss, the performance and our goalkeepers: 

On the match...

"In the first half it could have finished 4-4 and in the second half we took the game where we had to take it. They scored from a direct free kick and put it in the corner and that's LaLiga. That's the quality of the players here.

“From then on, I don't remember any attack from CA Osasuna until the end. They came once and scored. We have to take into account the moment we are in, with many problems. Let's hope we can recover some players.

"Both teams were very good in attack in the first half. At the beginning they outplayed us, but at the end we were very good and after the break it was a very even match and the one who scores wins. At times they were better and at times we were better.”

On Manolo Reina and Dominik Greif...

"Dominik is a signing that we have made. We have to see him and there is no spin to give him or anything, otherwise I would say so. I thought he had to play and nothing else. If you win it's an anecdote and if you lose you look for others. He is just another goalkeeper and due to bad luck he has not been able to participate during pre-season.”

On Fer Niño and injuries...

"Fer's calf got hurt and it was not going down and that's why we decided to change him. It's a hard moment because it's not logical what's happening to us, we've lost the starting centre back, his substitute and the substitute of the substitute. Complicated things happen to us and all of this affects us. It all comes together with the defeat the other day and football has these things. Today is a game that we didn't deserve to lose and now we have to end that streak and hopefully that day will be next Saturday against Levante.”

On the team's current situation...

"The team's situation is complicated and I'm not talking about the league. Before the start of the league we thought that at some point during the year we would be in this situation and we have to know how to live with it. 

“We are going to stay up by fighting and suffering and we will go through bad periods, not only us, but all those who are in the bottom eight - that usually happens. The team is eager to train and prepare for the match and is eager to turn things around.

"We have to be very united and I am confident of winning the next game and taking a step forward. Apart from the match against Madrid, the team have been competitive, but we are not going to go out there and wipe anyone off the map. I hope we will never be in a relegation position, but if we are, we have to fight and go on and on. We must stay together, work, correct mistakes, recover people and move forward.”