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Luis García Plaza: ‘The result is fair. We’ve got a point and have to continue’

The boss reflected on our 1-1 draw with UD Las Palmas at the Estadio de Gran Canaria

Luis García Plaza spoke to the media in his post-match press conference after our 1-1 draw with UD Las Palmas. Find out what the boss had to say about the result, the team and what lies ahead: 

On the game...

"In the first half we were in control defensively and on the ball. I thought we could have taken a bigger lead. In the second half, they equalized very early. They have a lot of dynamite up front. From my point of view, the result is fair – it’s one more point.

"What I like most about the team is that they are raging. They want to win. Today's team was very good. They've shown it all season long by beating the big boys in the division. They play with a lot of joy and they have a lot of spirit".

"If the team had split, they would have made it very difficult for us. I was slow to make the changes because the pace was very high and it's very difficult to get into this kind of game."

On the team...

"The only thing that worries me now is that the players recover and prepare for Lugo. We are now five points ahead - it's a good situation, but we will have to keep fighting. After Fuenlabrada, the team has recovered. We have to be positive and the team also shows that every day they want to win.

"We will get it or not, but this team will give everything until the end. We have been playing every few days and we are seeing what the Second Division really is. What Almeria, Espanyol and us were doing was incredible.

"When you're fighting for a goal like promotion, it's not easy. We've had two positive results. It's important to win on Sunday, but still nothing will be done. I've said it every week. It's very difficult to win because the opponents are good.

"Everyone is proud of this team. The team has always bounced back. We have to be prudent and think game by game. I can't sell anything else. Until we get it, I won't say anything."