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Luis García Plaza: ‘The players have my confidence for what remains’

The boss analysed a difficult 4-1 defeat at CF Fuenlabrada at the Estadio Fernando Torres

Luis García Plaza analysed our frustrating 4-1 defeat at CF Fuenlabrada in his post-match press conference. Having ended the first half three goals down, we attempted to mount a comeback which would ultimately end without any reward. Find out what the boss had to say about the performance, what remains and the dressing room:

On the match...

"In the first half they beat us at everything. It was a very bad first half, individual mistakes aside. We could have scored and made it 3-2 and we would have been in the game. We have to learn from this. On Thursday we have another game and it's a different story. I have to congratulate CF Fuenlabrada for today's victory.

"The only thing my players have to feel is the support I have to give them. After a very weak first half, we came out a bit better in the second. There were moments when I thought we were 3-2 up.

"A lot of things happen in a league. You go through good things and bad things. We have to be self-critical and keep fighting. I didn't expect a 4-1 win, but today we didn't show ourselves.

"You don't get more points for winning 4-0 or losing 4-1. At half-time I told them what we weren't doing well. We have to be very self-critical, but with a lot of confidence. This is a squad that has us in direct promotion spot. For better or worse, everything is going to be decided in the last few games and we have to keep going.”

On the support for the players...

"All the players can contribute. Today we mustn't single out any one player. If we have to look at anyone, it's me. This is football. We have to prepare for Thursday's game. In my other two promotions, these situations always come up, but the team has to stay together and keep going. These players are the ones that have got us in the direct promotion spots today.

"When we were winning that told us that we were very good. They have to be calm. Let them play their best football on Thursday. This is going to be very tough and we have to be very stable. As far as I'm concerned, they will have my confidence.

"The players are human. Manolo wasn't good today, but there are many like him. You can't say anything to Manolo. He has saved us many times - and I'm the first. We have to recover that dynamic of being a happy team. We're a frustrated, but tomorrow you have to think that you're in direct promotion and on Thursday you have another game.”