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Luis García Plaza: “Abdón’s goal shows strength and humility in the team’

The manager spoke to the media after our 1-0 win over Almería at the Estadio Mediterráneo

Luis García Plaza was on media duties following Abdón Prats’ injury-time winner in our 1-0 victory at Almería. Maintaining our position at the top and extending our unbeaten run to 15 games, here’s what the boss had to say in his post-match press conference:

On the game...

"The match was very tactical and very evenly matched. Neither side has imposed itself on the other and you could tell it was going to be decided by one detail and it has fallen on our side. With the changes we have made, we refreshed the team and we have noticed that. In the last few moments, the goal came and we have celebrated it a lot.

"We had Almería very much under control and they have not created much danger. In the last few minutes we have been more in control. The goal symbolises the team's effort and humility. I am happy for the team because today we have faced the best team of the category up until now.”

On his substitutions...

"Salva Sevilla has come in when they lowered the pressure. Today he made us play and we have to take care of him. So far, we have 35 points and we can only say good things. We’re a team that seeks to play well and that moves forward, will push and pressure. As a coach I enjoy the work that the players have been putting in.”

On Abdon...

"Abdon gives everything he has. There are days he will play, others he will not. The work is there and he will continue to give us that. I am very happy for him. Abdón is a total professional and is a total Mallorquin. He brings a lot to the team.

"We gave each other a hug at the end of the game. Sometimes we as coaches feel bad when we leave someone out. I have a group that everyone works in. The rotations allow us to let those who play less play. Abdon deserves it.”