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Lago Junior: “in this division no game is easy”

The winger thanks for his nomination at the “La Liga World Player”

Lago Junior has met the press with a smile, no wonder, he has just been nominated for the 

“La Liga World Player” awards. He has thanked everyone for that. "It is something to be proud of to be among the nominees. It is a motivation to keep working same hard". The player admitted that he did lower his level in the second half of last season but now "I am feeling very fit again and playing my best football. Not scoring goals, but I am gaining that crucial confidence."


The winger also shared that v Huesca he felt very comfortable playing up front with Brandon. "We are very direct players, use spaces and managed to create chances. What I want is to play and I will do so wherever the manager says so". With regard to the Cup game, which he didn't play given the rotations, the Ivory Coast midfielder confessed that his teammates are very frustrated after all the effort they've put in but we have to think about Levante now, a very complicated game". 


"It will be difficult because they are top of the league and play there. They have yet to lose in front of their fans. In this division there is no easy game but I am convinced we can beat them. Goal-scoring runs come and go. We keep working the same way and nothing's changed. The only difference: now they're coming in, before they weren't."


Lastely, he reckons Oscar Bruzon's addition as second coach is positive, "whenever adding people means improving it's great. He can help us go forward.". In addition the still vowed "we can still be at the top - I still believe. We started off with the wrong foot but now are back on track, and we will meet our target to be at the higher zone.