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Knowing a little bit more about Bernardo Calafell

Bernardo Calafell Amer, born in Palma on May 2, 1897 and also deceased in the capital of Mallorca on January 3, 1990, was a midfielder in the early years of the RS Alfonso XIII and used to form in the Medullar Alfonsina with Elvira and Joaquín Llauger. He was not a player who stood out for his height or girth and came to the RS Alfonso XIII from the fast Sport, attracted by the opulence of the Campo de Buenos Aires and the project led by Adolfo Vázquez Humasqué. Although he did not align himself in the game to select players who played the teams called Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia, he was at the official inauguration meeting of the Buenos Aires terrain that confronted Alfonso XII with the FC Barcelona reserve team.  

That first season played 20 games with Alfonsina T-shirt, the second that did it after the goalkeeper Ferrá. His greatest success with the RS Alfonso XIII came in October 1917, when the Alfonsos were proclaimed champions of the second Catalan league after surpassing the CD Jupiter and the Ateneu Palafruegellenc FC. After these two games was not re-aligned until May of the year 1919, when he played his last two games with the shirt of Alfonso XIII.

After leaving the practice of football as a player, he was sometimes seen in Buenos Aires as referee, with little success according to the Chronicles of the time. On March 23, 1986, he made the Honorable match in the game that faced the real Mallorca and real Murcia and received the homage of his club for being one of the last surviving players of the team that inaugurated the field of Buenos Aires seventy years ago. As a curious fact it can be noted that in August 1932 patented a vertical centrifugal pump. Its name returned to the present day in the year 2016 since in the film of the centenary of the Mallorca the young actress Hannah Herman embodies a great granddaughter of his that lives in England and is the protagonist of the tape.