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Joan Sastre: "I'll do my best everyday"

Joan Sastre has appeared in the press room after the team's training at the Ciudad Deportiva. The side assumes that the match at Villarreal "was very complicated" but he is "very happy with the development of the season".

The headlines of Sastre:

Match by match: "The future is uncertain and we must concentrate only on the next day that is the most important at this time."

Island derby Sunday: "Formentera needs to score because the classification is tight, both the bottom and top need to give our maximum in the remaining days."

Happy with the season: "I train every day with the same intensity, trying to make things go as well as possible and continue in this line."

The return of Àlex López: "The 4 weeks that he has not been able to play for a penalty he has continued training hard to be able to be at the top".

The first minutes of Lago: "When a teammate recovers it is a turning point for the team, and in this final stage we need everyone's help, it's great news for him to come back."