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RCD Mallorca and Taica Corporation extend their sponsorship relationship for two additional seasons

The Japanese multinational will continue to display its brand on the front of the shirt and on the club's main commercial facilities

RCD Mallorca and Taica Corporation have extended their sponsorship agreement for two more seasons following the signing of a new deal this morning in Tokyo.  

Having already sponsored the club for two years, the Japanese multinational will continue to be the main shirt sponsor of RCD Mallorca as well as engaging in prominent commercial visibility across all facilities. 

A delegation from the club has travelled to Tokyo for a second consecutive summer to extend the agreement with Taica Corporation until 2025. 

Majority shareholder and club president Andy Kohlberg met Taica Corporation president Taito Suzuki accompanied by the CEO of Business Alfonso Diaz in the capital. 

Andy Kohlberg, club president and majority shareholder said: "This agreement means a lot to RCD Mallorca. For starters, it means doubling the two-year relationship we have already had together and that is the best news across any business relationship. Taica Corporation is happy with RCD Mallorca and vice versa; that well-being is based on the trust we both share for each other and the excitement we have for everything that lies ahead as we continue working together. We have challenges we will face together and a great desire to continue growing beside one another and that is the basis of everything: a shared effort to be better and to give even more value to the business relationship we maintain.”

Alfonso Díaz, CEO of Business said: "The agreement with Taica Corporation is much more than a commercial agreement. It is our gateway to Japan and wider Asia. In these two years, our initial contact has developed into a close relationship of mutual trust and that is the best thing of all. On this basis, RCD Mallorca and Taica Corporation will work together for two more seasons, a period of time in which we want to take a step forward in our relationship and give shape to the many joint projects we have both in sports and commercial matters.”

Taito Suzuki, president of Taica Corporation: "I am delighted with the renewal of our main sponsorship agreement with RCD Mallorca. We have been supporting football for years with agreements with Shimizu S-Pulse, Chuo University Soccer Club and various amateur clubs. Together with us, RCD Mallorca has improved its position in LaLiga and the complete renovation of the stadium is about to materialize. In addition, we will be celebrating 75 years of our company and we want to increase our brand awareness as well as accompany RCD Mallorca in its process of growth.”