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Day of the Town at Costitx

This week is over to Costitx as the town located in the very centre of the island of Majorca features in the succesful Day of the Town scheme by RCD Mallorca. Today at noon Antonio Raillo, Salomao, Jaume Valens and Angel Rodado have all visited the public school Nadal Campaner Arrom. Youngsters aged between 5 and 12 years old, alongside their parents. Pupils from the actual school also joined as they exited the classrooms after their last subject today. Town authorities have taken active part in the event handing local delicatessen to the Mallorca representative committee.

The Club has given free writing notepads, footballs and invitations to the next game RCD Mallorca play at the Iberostar Estadio. Moreover, Costitx mayors and politicians will be greeted by the Chairman Monti Galmés and ushered to the Presidential VIP Box.