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Dani Rodríguez: "We have to have more work, hope and hunger than anyone else"

Dani Rodríguez has pointed the way for the team to continue with a good dynamic in La Liga 123: "We have to work harder than anyone else, we have to have more hope and hunger than anyone else, we can give a lot of war if we work more than anyone else. 200%, the category eats you and passes you over, we have a good level but we have not done anything yet, we have been 5 days and there is a world ahead ".

The Galician midfielder will face on Sunday his former team, the Albacete Balompié: "It is a special match for my past, in Albacete i have spent two very good and special years both sporting and personal". "The Albacete has done things very well, have made a competitive block with a lot of punch," has settled in regard to the rival.

Dani Rodríguez considers key to tie the three points this Sunday in Son Moix: "We have to become strong in our stadium, at home it is important to add in this league that it is so difficult to score points." On a personal level, Dani Rodríguez believes that he can increase his contribution more: "I can give level and improve a lot of what I am contributing".