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José Copete: We are going out for three points in every game

The defender reflected on our season so far and looked ahead to UD Almería

José Copete has issued a warcry ahead of our final few game of the season on our Twitter Space ahead of our trip to UD Almería.  

Having helped us secure LaLiga football for another season, our defender believes we are in a good place to face the rest of the campaign and our opponents this Saturday. 

"The team is calmer,” said Copete. “Those 44 points give us the peace of mind of knowing that we will be in LaLiga next year. There is a very good atmosphere.

"It's going to be a very difficult match. Almería has 36 points. They are playing for their survival. They are in a complicated situation, and they will try to get the three points at home and with their fans. 

“We are preparing the match with the awareness that they are going to go out like that, which is how we would go into it in their situation. We are going to try to win, just as we will do in the other three matches we have left.

"I am very happy, individually and especially as a group. In general terms, I'm very happy, and I'm looking forward to finishing the season with the same feelings I have now.

"We are going to go out in every game to get the three points and to get as many points as possible.”