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Campabadal: “we players are to blame for the situation”

The right back deems there's enough squad to be higher in the table and throw a message of calmness

Eduard Campabadal has sat at the press conference room in Son Bibiloni, ready to answer all sorts of questions from the journalists. He says the dressing room supports Vazquez amid all the rumours of unrest. "The situation is far from ideal, but we are to blame for it - the players. Let's analyze the situation and be critical with our performance. We could do so much better". 


In this vein, the right back he has not seen any change in the managers from previous weeks. "He is as usual, normal. We are playing well. Controlled the game and didn't allow much chances to our enemies. We were happy with the work done except for the goalscoring record. We knew we would have a hard time at Lugo. I particularly have never won there and the jynx continues. We created our own mistakes, no from the manager or from the outter surroundings. We lacked competitivity. They cannot score that easy. From now on, let's just focus and improve. We had three or four good games. We have to retrieve that form."


The Catalan assured that communication between players and the rest of the Club, managers and the Direction is fluent. "We got a terrific group and we speak out whatever needs to be said. We just have to improve and this week against Huesca, we have the chance to do that. 


Campabadal assumed that the team's underperforming "we could win more games because the team's built for that. Let's forget about Galicia and think just about next game, take it step by step. We have to try to address the fans' expectations.


Lastly, he understand the fans and their demands, but "it is us who demand more from ourselves, because we can give more".