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Campabadal: “we got to get some consistency: win at home, gettings points away”

The Catalan sideback denies the team’s lack of ambition and remembers that the division is all but unequal

Eduard Campabadal spent some time with the press ahead of the weekend’s clash with Real Zaragoza. The guarantees the team is well focused on getting three points, which would add to four the week’s tally after last weekend’s draw. “The team as always want the three points, in front of our fans, playing at home”. The sideback reminded that in case of getting three points, the team would be unbeaten for three games and would total seven out of nine possible points which would make it a decent run. “Whenever you win at home and draw away is a good sign”.

The Catalan footballer said the division is quite level and runned through the problems that most teams are facing in their attempt of getting anything out of their home games. “At home all teams are strong. I don’t really know why, but the fact is that wining away is difficult. We come out to the pitch the same way at home than away, but truth be told, there is a difference when a team is cheered by thousands and thousands of fans – the players play more intense football”.

Campabadal answered no to the item asking about the calendar concerns for the next few weeks. He argued “he have performed okay against most rivals. Levante are the leaders yet they weren’t that much more superior than us. For us the calendar sheets are not relevant really because all games are pretty level. We have always had the possibility to get points in every game. Any team with a couple of wins makes a sensational leap in the table.”

When queried about the intensity in the training sessions, the players linked those interrogation words to the games, as “games are intense too, the other day against Nastic it was and we have to play games that way everytime because it’s the only way to get wins. All won games have common requirements: defensive solidity and few goals against. Those elements carry you upwards.”

“For me all games are important. Zaragoza is a splendid team, with a big name and prestige like us. Our motivation is to get the three points against them and improve everyday. We have to be hyped up for the match and that will push us to the sky of the table. We got quality and players to do that, but have to show some consistency: winning at home and getting points away.”

Lastly, he also said no to the lack of ambition concerns. “We all want to win – that is obvious. Yet it takes an effort to win all games also”. About his contract renewal he unveiled that he is yet to meet with the directors. “Anyway, my agent handles these issues, I only work on my craft: on the pitch. Whenever the moment comes, we will see. I am very happy to be here. All players want to come here as there is a background work being done to improve the Club and facilities. I want to stay, but we will see when the decision comes”.