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Abdón Prats: “We are so happy"

Abdón Prats has appeared in a mixed zone after the victory of RCD Mallorca, which certifies the first place in the championship with one game left to play.


"We are very happy, we do not win a championship every day and today we have enjoyed it".

"We know that now we have the most important thing and we must work to achieve it."

"The team has been better this last month and I am lucky to score goals. What makes me happy is being able to help the team in games as important as today. "

"I am left with how difficult the category is, the plus that the teams have taken to play against us and we have been at a very high level".

"I came for days like this. I'm Majorcan and I hope to see Son Moix like that many more times. "

"The fans have been with us all year and we hope it will serve as a motivation to get more people to come to the field."