Muriqi, Aguirre, Antonio Sánchez and Nacho Vidal analyse the Rayo Vallecano win

Find out what the players and the boss had to say about the victory

Vedat Muriqi, Javier Aguirre, Antonio Sánchez and Nacho Vidal were on post-match media duties after our 2-1 victory against Rayo Vallecano. Find out what the players and boss had to say below: 

Vedat Muriqi: 

"Very good feelings. When the coach told me that I was going to be a starter I was looking forward to the return of the real Muriqi: scoring goals and getting the three points. First 90 minutes after a long time and an important goal so we are very happy

"I love the fans very much. From the first day they have made me feel very comfortable. Both me and my family. I hope to be here for many more years.

"In the end, the important thing is the three points. We have six points (away from relegation), but it's still early so let's keep going."

Javier Aguirre: 

"We played a weak first half. We were a bit tense because we wanted to win and that was felt by the team, which I saw a bit nervous. We weren't, but they didn't have chances either. 

"In the second half, with changes, the game opened up. We had Antonio's goal, but we started to get tired and I saw 1-2 closer than 2-1, but that's football. Perhaps in other matches we deserved the victory more than today, but it's welcome. We are in a war and it will be like that until the end of the season.

"I'm happy for and with Muriqi. It gives me great pleasure to see him fit again."

Antonio Sanchez: 

"Very happy. It had been a while since I scored and I needed it personally. I'm very happy that Muriqi finished the job off.

"We knew it was very important to win and I think the team showed that they wanted to win.

"We know that Muriqi has had a hard time. He is doing his best and we are very happy because I'm sure that this goal will help him to get the rhythm he needs.

"He was already tired. It's a tough match full of disputes and duels... but another teammate came on, who came out fresh and to fight for it.”

Nacho Vidal: 

"I really wanted to play in this stadium and be part of it. I felt very supported by my teammates and the fans.

"We knew it was a very important match. Muriqi's goal was like a breath of fresh air and from the bench I felt like I was celebrating the Champions League final.

"We work on set pieces and it's the small details that decide the games. Muriqi is a specialist in that and he gave us the victory today.

"We know that the goal is still far away and we have to face every match as a final. We can't relax and we have to depend on ourselves.”