Javi Llabrés, Iván Cuéllar and Javier Aguirre evaluate our Copa del Rey win

Find out what the trio had to say after our 3-0 win against Valle de Egüés.

We booked our place in the next round of the Copa del Rey with a 3-0 win against Valle de Egüés. Find out what Javi Llabrés, Iván Cuéllar and Javier Aguirre had to say about the victory:  

Javi Llabrés

 "It's a very good competition where I made my debut. Today was a rounded day where I was able to help with my first goals of the season. 

 "I tried to do my job. I was very focused, especially in defensive duels which is not usual for me to play in that position."

Javier Aguirre 

"It was not easy. The opposing team did their job and we had to work to score the first goal. But in the end I think the team delivered. 

"He's a guy I trust a lot. Last year we loaned him to MIrandés because we thought he didn't have a place. His season was good and we were right as he came back a better player."

Iván Cuéllar 

 "Very happy. The most important thing was to get through the qualifying round and we did. It was a serious job that we had to do. Congratulations to the team that came with this demand to meet us. 

"Football does not understand divisions, it understands attitude and that attitude could not be missing. It is understandable that the rival team is playing for its life and has the chance to show itself against a first division team, and we must know that this is the case."