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From Estadi Mallorca Son Moix the altar

Super fans Carlos and Pilar will get married this year after a whirlwind romance involving RCD Mallorca

Carlos and Pilar will walk down the aisle to say "I do" on September 16.

Although their relationship is not conventional and one which RCD Mallorca has been very present since the day they saw each other for the first time.

So much so, that the setting for their first date was the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix.  

The couple met through Tinder, and Carlos wanted to surprise Pilar by inviting her to enjoy a match of the team of his heart: RCD Mallorca.

An idea that, at first, did not please Pilar too much, since her interest in football was minimal but when it comes to love, almost anything goes.

"Honestly, it was very boring for me,” Pilar said. “I was just looking at him and my cell phone because I didn't know anything about football. That match was the beginning of everything.” 

Six years and several matches later, Carlos decided the time was right to pop the question at the scene of their first date.

"It was at the Mallorca-Valencia match,” continued Carlos. “The truth is that I was nervous, and at half-time when I saw on the scoreboard ‘ask cam’. I knelt down and asked her to marry me.”