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RCD Mallorca to name a tunnel after Antonio Raíllo

Our defender has been honoured after he put pen to paper on a new deal 

Fans will be able to take a trip down the ‘Carrer d'Antonio Raíllo' soon enough. 

The Estadi Mallorca Son Moix will have a tunnel named after our capitain after he signed a new deal with the club that will run until June 2026. 

"I feel happy,” said Raíllo. “It is a decision that both the club and I make. In the end we both want to be here and we both go hand in hand in that aspect. I think it has been proven over the last few years that we are growing together.

"I arrived at a club that was in a bit of turmoil after some bad years. In the end the catastrophe was consummated, so to speak, going down to Segunda B, but I think that was the starting point. I think that brought everything else together. It was like a very bad blow, but it helped you to gain momentum and grow. Afterwards, an incredible human and footballing dressing room was formed, which I think helped the team to get out of that situation and even got them into LaLiga.”

"Nowadays in football it is very difficult for a player to stay so many years in a club. It is very difficult because people do not have that feeling of belonging, as they say. And the truth is that for me it's a source of pride, not only because I've played so many games, but also because of the way I've played them. I've always given everything, the best I had inside me.

"The bad moments help you learn a lot. Personally, I think I've matured a lot. Before, I was a much more impulsive kid, with much more character, who never measured what he did. I think I have found personal stability. In the end, forming a family here on the island means that you not only fight for what is yours, but you also fight to give the best future to your son and your family.”

With a new stadium under development our season going strong, Raíllo is excited for what the future holds.  

"For us it is a great pride to see how the club is growing, how everything is changing, how the stadium is improving, how younger fans are joining. For us it is a source of pride. I don't set goals. I'm very ambitious in that respect and I think we can keep taking steps forward to achieve goals."

Congratulations, captain!