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Dani Rodríguez, Tino Kadewere and Galarreta analyse our 2-0 defeat at Cádiz

The trio spoke to club media after our loss away from home

Dani Rodríguez, Tino Kadewere and Inigo Ruiz de Galarreta reflected on our 2-0 defeat to Cádiz. Bogonda and Álex Fernández were on target for the hosts on a frustrating afternoon. Find out what the trio had to say below: 

Dani Rodríguez

"Well, perhaps after the goals the team was better with the ball; we had more clarity, but it's true that in the first goal we were very open. The second goal, even if they tell me a hundred times, I don't think it's a handball. I think it's a natural movement, the ball doesn't go anywhere. It’s true that it makes the game very difficult. We're disappointed but we have to keep going.

"Clement [Grenier] was in pain. The truth is that it was a dangerous play, but well, it's what we say every matchday to see if they unify criteria and know a little bit what as to what is given. It's a match to learn from, because in bad matches you learn twice as much.

"We wanted to have finished this part of the season with 28 points, it would have been great, but we have had a good first part of the season.”

Iñigo Ruiz de Galarreta

"We knew it was going to be a very tough match, that it was a complicated place and against an opponent in need [of points], and direct for us. Well, the dressing room is upset because we know that we have missed a very good opportunity to score, to continue with good sensations. Well, and I think we lacked more in the disputes, they had a little bit more. We lacked that effectiveness and decisiveness in the box.”

Tino Kadewere

"Cádiz played very well, especially in the opening minutes.”