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Antonio Raíllo: “When you do your job well you face the week happy”

The defender spoke to club media on the season so far, club form and Abdón Prats

Antonio Raíllo is a man with plenty to say.

Our defender spoke to club media via our Twitter Spaces channel on our season so far, the form of Abdón Prats and his time at the club – but started with what the feeling in the dressing room is like.

"You face the week with joy,” he told club media. “When you do your job well and you feel fulfilled during the week, you are happier knowing that your work has been good.

“You don't have to be calm because there's still a lot of league left. In football there are few moments of joy and many difficult moments so you have to take advantage of them.”

Abdón Prats was the match winner against Real Valladolid in our first victory of the new year and RaÄ«llo is happy to see his team-mate in such good form.

"He deserves it, he has worked hard in the shadows with that kind of work that is not seen in training. I celebrated it as if it had been mine. Anything good that happens to my teammates I'm going to be happy, but if it happens to Abdón, even more so.

"We already saw it against Valladolid, which was very even. The line between winning and losing is very small, except for the top five or six teams, the rest of us are in a second parallel competition."

Having now been at the club for seven years, our centre back was in a reflective mood as he spoke to club media.

"When I came here I didn't think I would be here for so long. You arrive at a very young age, not knowing what professional football has in store for you,” he continued. “Nowadays, it is very difficult to stay at a club for many years. I'm very happy here and I have no problem staying for many more years.”