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Abdón Prats, Samu Costa and Lato reflect on the 3-2 defeat to Granada CF

The trio shared their thoughts on the loss at Los Cármenes

Abdón Prats, Samu Costa and Lato were on post-match media duties after our 3-2 defeat to Granada CF. Abdón Prats and Samu Costa’s goals were not enough as Miguel Rubio, Bryan Zaragoza and Unzuni’s strikes saw us fall to a frustrating loss. Find out what the trio had to say below: 

Abdón Prats

"I think that, at specific moments, they scored a goal and it was annoying for us. We tried to recover from the second and third goals, but it was difficult. The key was in the control of the areas. We weren't very fluid in the middle of the field. 

“We had some good moments, with good play, but then the control of the areas failed us. We need to be more focused both defensively and offensively.

"In the end my goal was useless. I would have liked it to have been useful to win, but well, let's keep going and get more goals.”

Samu Costa 

"A defeat is always a defeat, but the coach spoke to us and believes we played a good game. I'm proud of all the players because we made a great effort. We must continue in this line because we will surely win many matches.

"For me the most important thing is the collective. I am here to help and I want to thank all my teammates who always help me."

Toni Lato 

“It is a bit of a bittersweet taste because I was really looking forward to making my debut today; to be with the team; to be able to help. I think it was a shame because I think we were better in many aspects. 

“I think that playing like this the team will win many games. With the little they have done, they have had maximum effectiveness and that is football. I am happy with the team's effort.”