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Abdón, Ángel and Tino Kadewere analyse our 6-0 win against CD Autol

The trio reflected upon our victory in the Copa del Rey with club media

Abdón, Ángel and Tino Kadewere spoke to the media after our resounding 6-0 win against CD Autol in the Copa del Rey. Goals from Ángel Rodríguez, Abdón Prats, Clement Grenier and Tino Kadewere saw us overcome the home side and secure our place in the next round of the tournament. 

Abdón Prats

"At the end of the day, it is the first stone in a beautiful path. The Copa del Rey is a competition that we like very much and we are happy for the result and for the goals. The initiative that the Spanish Football Federation has had to organise the cup in this way, I like it a lot because the home fans at Autol can enjoy a game against a team from the top division.

"I scored two goals, but it could have been five. I'm happy for the team's qualification. It is a competition that we Mallorquinistas like and we want to go as far as possible."

Ángel Rodríguez

"It was an important match for us despite being against a team from a lower division. We came here to play a respectable and good match. We enjoyed it a lot, we won well and we have moved on to the next round. The crowd also cheered us on very well. We are very happy to have come here. It was a very nice and clean game. We are grateful for the reception.

Tino Kadewere 

"If I'm honest, it's been unbelievable - i's a great feeling. It was a good game. I think every game is a final. It was an important game for us because if we win we can go through. I'm very happy for my first game and for my first goal - and looking forward to more.

"I love my teammates. In my situation it wasn't easy to come to a new team and get injured, but if I'm honest with you, everyone has supported me. And I'm happy to be with them again."