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Sergi Darder, Aguirre, Lato and Nacho Vidal evaluate the 1-1 draw at Osasuna

Find out what the players and the boss had to say about the point

Sergi Darder, Javier Aguirre, Toni Lato and Nacho Vidal were on post-match media duties after our 1-1 draw with Osasuna. Find out what the players and the boss had to say below:


Sergi Darder

"I think the draw is fair. In the end it was a first half for them, where we weren't comfortable and we didn't manage to overcome the pressure they put on us, and in the second half, based on football and trying to get at them, I think it was a good performance by the team.


“I failed the easy things and did the difficult ones. There have been moments when I could have taken a step forward and I wasn't able to do so because of details. The goal came a little late because there are two games left, but I hope it won't be the last.”


Javier Aguirre

"For the way the match was presented, the point tastes good because they scored a goal against us there on a blocked ball, on a rebound. They didn't let up and looked for the second and it was a bit complicated in the first half. In the second half we were better and we had chances. We could have won the game, but in the end that is football.


"It's football and in the end the penalty areas have always condemned us a little bit, but I'm proud of my players and I have no complaints. We are what we are. We always fight and hopefully, if not tomorrow, on Sunday or Saturday, we will be able to be safe.”


Nacho Vidal

"For me it has been special. El Sadar and Pamplona are my home. I've had some very nice years here and the truth is that I'm very fond of my teammates and the fans.


"The first half was a bit more difficult for us and in the second we improved a lot. We had chances and it's a fair result because in the end I realized from the other side what this pitch demands."


Toni Lato

"We are a little bit closer to the objective which is to be safe and the sooner the better. I think we had the game to win it and it was a pity because we were there. In the end the team got a point that is valuable.


"They have been two very similar goals and in the end the set piece is very important. Throughout the year the team has dominated it very well, although it was a pity that they went ahead because the game plan I think was good and we could have done more damage if we had not conceded that goal."