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Samu Costa, Valjent, Aguirre and Lato evaluate the 1-0 defeat to Real Sociedad

Find out what the four had to say about the loss to the media

Samu Costa, Valjent, Aguirre and Lato were on media duties after our 1-0 defeat to Real Sociedad. Find out what the four had to say below:  

Samu Costa: 

"I don't believe in luck, but we didn't deserve to lose or draw. We deserved to win. We had the chances but that's football. We have to keep learning and improving. I'm very proud. 

"We are professionals, we have a great squad and we know that there can be mistakes in football. We have to keep our heads up, keep working and remain humble.

"We didn't care if it was a Champions League team or the best in the world. We are a very strong team, very aggressive and whoever plays against Mallorca will surely suffer.

"I'm sure that if we continue like this, the victories will come."

Martin Valjent: 

"I think that in the first half, Real practically didn't create any danger for us. In the second half, they created well, especially after the goal. We created a lot of chances, very good and quite clear chances on a very difficult pitch and against a Champions League opponent. You go home with that feeling of deserving something more.

"Football is like that - it's a matter of success and it's dynamics. Sometimes you have two, you score one and you win. Other times you don't want to score. That's the way it is now, but we are working hard and hard to change that so that we can take the three points. 

"The team responds to what the coach asks of us. Here we have always suffered and I think that today in the first half we could have practically won. Let's keep working, be positive and things will get better."

Javier Aguirre: 

"I think we have had two or three good matches since Barcelona, where we have not been able to win. I think that today the fairest thing would have been a draw, but in soccer there is hardly any justice.

"I think we didn't have enough clarity to push the ball there [in Mallorca's last big chance of the match]. We came close to scoring. Especially in the first two. From there, the analysis is that they win 1-0 and that's all there is to it.

"The team has had a fateful season in terms of results. We are trying to change the game model, we are trying to fit the new players and we are in that process. There are already 10 games, we are not very happy with the points harvest, but it is true that we have fought in all 10. Maybe not in Girona and Villarreal but in the others, people can understand that we have had fortune on our backs.

"I hope the ball does end up going in. I have three strikers. Muriqi, Larin and Abdón live and have the gift of the goal. Larin was unlucky today but he will keep trying." 

Toni Lato:

"It's difficult to understand because we think we played a great game and I think we were better. We haven't had the success they've had. We didn't take anything away from today, but the team did a good job and we're upset because of that.

"It always hurts to lose. Today it's true that we think we deserved a lot more and we're disappointed about that. On the other hand, we've seen that playing the way we've been playing in the last few games, we've put good teams in trouble. Now we have to try to get the three points against Getafe.

"It has been one chance after another [talking about Mallorca's last great chance]. I didn't believe it. We didn't have that kind of luck and accuracy. The team deserved to get at least a point.”