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Raíllo, Omar Mascarell, Samu Costa and Aguirre reflect on our 0-0 draw with Deportivo Alaves

Find out what the trio and our boss had to say about the point

Antonio Raíllo, Omar Mascarell, Samu Costa and Javier Aguirre were on post-match media duties after our goalless draw with Deportivo Alaves. Find out what the trio and the boss had to say abou thte point below:  


 "I think the team did some good things. You look at the overall 90 minutes and you see that Mallorca deserved more than Alavés. We had the clear chances. They had practically none. In the end, you're left with the feeling that you didn't get the three points by the narrowest of margins.

 "In the end, football is about getting it right in the areas, both defending and attacking. If you get one right and not the other, it's very difficult to win.

Omar Mascarell 

"A little bit hurt. In the second half we went for the game. We had very clear chances to win the game and we were better than Alavés. In the end the ball didn't go in, we leave hurt, but more alive than ever.

"Alavés didn't even shoot at goal. We had three or four chances to win the match. In the end, it's all about details and now we're not getting them.

"Defensively, the team is very good. We all run, we sacrifice ourselves for the one next to us. This is a great group.”

 Samu Costa 

 "I want to win, we all want to win and when it doesn't happen we are all a bit sad. I see it as a challenge. We are going through a tough moment when we can't win and I see it as a challenge.

"This team defends very well. Sometimes we concede goals, sometimes we don't, but what drives us is the victory."

Javier Aguirre

"We lacked across areas, although today we were good in our own area. We didn't allow the rival chances. I think we had a couple of chances in the opponent's area, and we could have done a bit more. 

 "The first half was very poor, we were very nervous. At half-time we all talked and I think the second half went very well.”