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Raíllo, Omar, Antonio Sánchez and Aguirre analyse our win against Granada

Find out what the players and the boss after our 1-0 victory

Antonio Raíllo, Omar Mascarell, Antonio Sánchez and Javier Aguirre were on post-match media duties after our 1-0 win against Granada. Find out what the boss and his players had to say below:  

Antonio Raíllo 

"It is very good for us. I think it was time to make a breakthrough. We knew the importance of the match, we knew that the three points would give us an advantage. Winning against a direct rival and now that the break is coming, I think they are three points of tranquility, but not definitive.

"It's true that in the one before I got a spectacular hand out. I was thinking about what to do to score a goal and in the next one it fell to me and went in. Football is a mixture of successes and mistakes."

Omar Mascarell 

"The team was up to the task and so were the people who came. We deserved the victory and we won. Now it's time to enjoy.

"In terms of chances, we were the favourites. We haven't been good in front of goal, but the team has played well and the chances will come in the end. Football is like that."

Antonio Sánchez 

"We knew that they were very important (the points) because of Granada's situation and I'm very happy, to be honest.

"We knew that getting these three points was important and I think the team has thrown itself into it and in one way or another we have continued. The important thing is that we got it despite the fact that Granada defended well."

Javier Aguirre 

"I don't know if we deserved the victory, because this is about scoring goals, not deserving them. They competed well. In the end we took the three points and I think we tried, we worked hard and it fell on our side.

"I would have liked to have won with a calmer scoreline, but it's very difficult to win in LaLiga."