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Mallorquinistas, it could not be.  

We wanted it and we gave everything, but the Copa del Rey was not meant to travel to home with us to the island. 

We lost on the pitch, but we won in everything else.

Today more than ever is a day to be proud of the badge on our shirts. Proud of the warriors who gave their all on the pitch. Proud of the more than 20,000 brave people who, despite the many difficulties and conditions, regardless of the kilometers they had to travel, gathered at La Cartuja to unconditionally support their RCD Mallorca. We are proud of those who, from wherever they were, showed their support. 

To all of you. To each one of you who yesterday made this club that we love so much even bigger: thank you. Thank you very much. Because Mallorca is its people. Because Mallorca is you. And you were once again up to the task.

It is time to get up and continue because this is only the beginning. RCD Mallorca, as you know, will continue to fight.