Javier Aguirre: “We will go with all the sincerity in the world and try to recover some good feeling”

The boss looked ahead to our Copa del Rey clash with CD Valle de Egüés

Javier Aguirre was on pre-match press conference duties as we travel to CD Valle de Egüés for our Copa del Rey clash. Find out what the boss had to say about the second round fixture below: 

On his personal situation: "I feel good. I'm looking forward to going to Pamplona because I have many friends there. We are looking forward to playing a good cup match, which will be nice for Valle de Egüés. It is a good test to see if we are able to win, play well and see some players from the academy.”

On the importance of the match: "We cannot think about Saturday. It would be disrespecting Valle de Egüés and ourselves. The Copa del Rey is an attractive competition that Mallorca has already won and we have to give it the importance it requires. The important match right now is tomorrow.

"We have to win because I don't like the streak we are on in the league. We have to change the feeling to get fully into the Copa del Rey. We want to be in the next draw. For them it will be a party and they will have their own way of playing. They will be very motivated to play against a LaLiga team. We will go with all the seriousness in the world and we will try to recover our sensations."

On artificial turf: "My youngest son played there when he was little. It's a nice pitch. It's a good artificial turf. Obviously it's different, especially in regards to the load which we're not used to, but that is not going to be an excuse. On that grass and on that pitch, which is wide and long, we must develop our game and show that we are a LaLiga team.”

On Muriqi's absence: "I was with him today. He was not in a very good mood. Nobody likes to get injured and even less if you are not used to it, as has happened to Vedat. He wants to hurry deadlines. He needs our moral support. The recovery is going well, but he wants to be back as soon as possible. The worst thing for a player is to be injured. It's a very tough mental job.

"He has shown that he is a goal scorer. Last year he scored 15 goals and before that too. Now he has four and could very well have six. He is on a roll and I hope it lasts. He has very good numbers with RCD Mallorca. But we have the best Abdón so far and Larin will score, because he is getting them. I am fortunate to have three good strikers."

On the teams at the bottom with few points: "I don't remember something like this in Spain in 15 seasons. There are six or seven teams down there by two points. It's very rare. Maybe this year it's enough with fewer points, I don't know. It's a very poor balance for many teams. In a week it can change.”

On the academy: "Anyone who debuts is there to stay, not to please the fans one day. Llabrés went on loan and has stayed because he is a spectacular player. Pau Mascaró is a great striker, but he has to wait his turn. He is a player of the future, but there are Abdón, Larin and Muriqi. Quintanilla is a pivot with a great future who was going to leave this year but I asked him to stay.”

On CD Valle de Egüés: "They are a typical Navarre team, with a lot of direct play, with quality midfielders and they take advantage of many second plays. They play with a backline of five, with wingers high up and they lure you in and then hit you. You have to be attentive to second plays and aerial play. They also have a good goalkeeper. It's going to be a good game. Let's hope it will be nice for Valle de Egüés and that we bring the victory".

On the impatience for the victories: "I understand it, both from the fans, social networks and journalists. I am the first to know and understand that they express it. If the statistics condemn us, they condemn us. But I think people see that we fight, that we try, that we change our tactics... We are not as recognisable a team as we were last year. We are a different team that we have not been able to win. We already found a couple of ways to play. We've played good games but we can't get the win. It's slipping away from us because of different things. The only reality is the points. From there, people have the right to say whatever they want and ask whatever they want to ask.”