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Javier Aguirre: “We have to do our work and that is it, last year we did that and now we need to make it up”

The boss looked ahead to our clash with UD Almeria

Javier Aguirre was on pre-match press conference duties ahead of our clash with UD Almeria. Find out what he had to say below:  

On Valjent and Lato's condition: "They are both out. Martin has a knee injury in a hit that was made in a clearance. The doctor's report is not very encouraging. I think he will be out for quite a while: a month and a half or so. Toni has a muscular problem. I think it will be less time.” 

On Raillo and Maffeo: "We continue with Raillo's week. Yesterday we took him out of training. He has a lot of love for the team and this is keeping him going. Maffeo is better, I wouldn't say 100% of the knee, but he's better."  

On UD Almeria: "It's a match that is a different situation because of the five big European leagues, none of them have failed to win, at least one match. That makes them doubly dangerous, a team that also played wonderfully at the Civitas Metropolitano. I think their numbers don't reflect how well they play. They have a very powerful attack. 

On whether to use Gio or a left-footed centre-back: "I have two options, either Gio or Van der Heyden on the right, if I play with a line of five. If I play with four I have Raillo and Nastasic or Raillo and Copete, for example. But if I play with five, I see Gio or Van der Heyden on the right.” 

On Larin: "He's finally got rid of that break and he's capable of being the Larin we all hope for. They can fail, I don't care about that, we all fail, but we must not lose heart. The attitude is what I insist on a lot.” 

On Javi Llabrés: "I told him in front of everyone that I was wrong and I wasn't fair with him. This way you get rid of that guilt and you can see his face. He can play at any time.” 

On the importance of the match: "We are there a pack of five or six teams with two points. It is important now to be aware of what is happening outside, but the most important thing is your own. We have to do our job and that's it. Last year we did it and now we need to make it up.”  

On Samu Costa and Omar Mascarell: "I like it. I like it because of the profiles. Anyone can play in those two positions. Now they are putting me in the kind of trouble that I like.”