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Javier Aguirre: It is important to get points

 The boss reflected on our 1-1 draw with Athletic Club

Javier Aguirre was on post-match media duties after our 1-1 draw with Athletic Club. Kang in Lee gave us the lead early in the second half, but we had to settle for a point after Inaki WIliams scored a late equaliser from the penalty spot. Find out what the boss had to say:  

"It was a very even match. Each with their own conditions, their strengths and weaknesses. It was a fair draw in my opinion.”

"They put in a lot of crosses. They are the team with the most crosses in LaLiga. We knew they were going to overwhelm us, and even more so with the score against us. In reference to the last play, I think there is a handball by Galarreta, which creates doubt in my mind, it's the origin of the draw because there is a player of ours who is crushed by two players from the opposing team. 

“They fall on top of him and prevent him from jumping. It could have been considered a foul, but the referee was very clear and didn't hesitate for a second. It went straight to the penalty spot. Before the handball is where I have my doubts.

"It's great news to score against a great team. There's no doubt about it. We were very close and that's why the form hurts us. There were fifteen seconds left. I think it's important to win. People are happy. We are one step away. We are getting closer and closer.”