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Javier Aguirre: "I'd be worried if we didn't create chances at goal"

The boss looked ahead to our clash with CA Osasuna

Javier Aguirre was on pre-match media duties ahead of our clash with CA Osasuna. Find out what the boss had to say below: 

On the lack of goals: "I would be worried if we don't generate any chances. Toni Amor, with his incredible memory, reminded me of all the chances and one-on-ones we've had. I think this has condemned us a little. Today we were back to finishing and shots on goal. As long as we continue to generate chances, some will go in.” 

On absentees: "Mascarell is out, he can't make it. Jaume is fine. Martin Valjent, Muriqi, Lato and Mascarell are out.” 

On CA Osasuna: "Last year they scored 53 points and we scored 50. This year, the other day they [Osasuna] won in the last second and they are there with us. They have improved a lot on offence. I don't know what they get up to daily, but they have improved a lot up front. I don't know what has happened to them, but they are not with last year's points and neither are we.”

On Raíllo's return and three clean sheets: "Indeed, it gives us a strong team, it gives us leadership and improves those in the side (Raíllo). I think there are very important players in the team. The captains, basically. Martin, Dani, Jaume, Abdon are people who push the dressing room. I think that in the defensive aspect we are all running. The team has installed that defensive level very well. The problem is that we are not getting that 1-0.”

Llabrés' condition: "He came to me to tell me he was fine. I was surprised by his lack of experience. Instead of me encouraging him, he encouraged me. This is football.”  

On possibly listening to the VAR room: "I'm confused because just yesterday I saw the news in Mexico. My children told me about it. It is good for football, it is the trend to go towards this, that the fan has more content.” 

On Sergi Darder's performance: "Darder has made a great effort. He is a very interesting player, with qualities that I am not going to discover. He is like the whole team for not having been able to make that little leap in quality such as adding two victories or scoring three in three.”

Pablo Ortells and the transfer market: "I didn't know that Pablo's contract ended in June. I talk to him every day and we never talk about those things. About the January transfer market, the first news I have is that there is money to sign. We never talk about those things with Alfonso Díaz; I would talk to Pablo in any case.”




On injuries: "Injuries have influenced our season. Raíllo's injury didn't work out well for us and now Martin's injury hasn't either. And it is precisely in that position that we talk so much about. Pablo [Maffeo] and Lato are also injured. And Vedat, although in that position I'm calmer with Larin and Abdón.”