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Javier Aguirre: "I don't know if he has a lot or little to lose, but the team is very calm"

The boss looked ahead to our Copa del Rey semi final with Real Sociedad

Javier Aguirre was on pre-match media duties ahead of our clash with Real Sociedad. Find out what the boss had to say about the Copa del Rey semi-final, availability of players and how he intends to approach the second leg:


On the point in Vitoria: "It is better to work in a good atmosphere than when a defeat comes. The team played well. The result may not reward you or is not in accordance with what you worked for.”


On a special speech: "We have not prepared anything because we have been growing with the cup. We didn't set ourselves the goal of reaching the semifinals. We gave importance to each opponent and I was very pleased that we got to play at a full home after two years.”


On being calm: "The team is calm. I don't know if they have a lot or a little to lose, but they are very calm. We were not favourites for the cup and based on that approach, we are calm. I don't need to prepare anything special.”


On the team: "The team is fine. I can repeat players from the other day.”


On facing Real Sociedad: "They are useful for something and for a lot, because we have faced them and we have not been able to. They've beaten us at their ground in the two times we've played them in recent years.”


On the importance of the game: "I would be very happy because it would be a way of thanking Mallorca for the gesture they did in bringing me here.”


On Real Sociedad: "Take is doing very well. He is a very important player. The inside players, Brais [Méndez] and Mikel [Merino] are of the highest level. Up front they have great potential and at the back they have homegrown players but the best thing about Real is Imanol Alguacil."


On what to expect: "They will play in your half with the ball, with incursions on the flanks and with many crosses. We'll see if we can stretch a little more on the flanks and keep the ball."


On Vedat Muriqi: "He has a good knock, but he's fine."


On the fans: "I don't have social networks, but I do see the affection of the people. You can see that they are excited and the least we can do is make them feel proud of our work."


On Dominik Greif: "He trains very well. He is not playing in the league, but he is doing very well."


On Gil Manzano: "I won't talk about the referees. I don't get involved in their work. Throughout these 20 years I have only spoken out for the VAR, not for the on-field referee".