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Gio González and Javi Llabrés evaluate our Copa del Rey win against Burgos CF

Find out what the duo had to say as we progress courtesy of a 3-0 victory

Gio González and Javi Llarbes assessed our 3-0 victory against Burgos CF. Find out what the duo had to say as we head into the next round of the Copa del Rey. 

Gio Gonzàlez 

"I'm happy, first for the result, we knew it was a difficult opponent. As the rounds go by, it gets tougher and tougher. They gave us a very tough game, especially in the first half, where we couldn't find space and get through clearly. But well, I think the team was good, tactically well organised, we hurt them in the offensive transitions and when we scored the second goal, the team felt more comfortable to score the third and take the game.”

"I’m very happy, because when it's your turn to score or assist you go home different and more so if the team wins. The team lives on that, on keeping a clean sheet.”

Javi Llabrés

"We played well in the first half. We got the ball out well, but we lacked that last pass or that goal. But well, it came at the beginning of the second half and that opened up the game."    

"There were a lot of people who don't usually participate so much in the league and today they were motivated. Having five Mallorcan men on the field makes us proud. Many of us when we are kids dream of playing with the first team."

"I felt good. In the first half I felt quite loose, I lost few balls and the important thing is to get into a rhythm and get a good feeling."