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Dani Rodríguez, Aguirre, Raíllo and Antonio Sánchez analyse the win against CA Osasuna

Find out what the trio and our boss had to say about the victory

Dani Rodríguez, Javier Aguirre, Antonio Raíllo and Antonio Sánchez were on post-match media duties after we recorded a 3-2 victory against CA Osasuna. Find out what the trio and our boss had to say below: 

Dani Rodriguez

"I think they found themselves with a goal and the team reacted very well. The team was superior throughout the match. It's true that at the end with that goal they make us suffer a little bit but I think the team has done a great job."

"We played great matches without a prize. In San Sebastian and against Barça we played great matches without the win. Today we had that accuracy that we were lacking on other days and I think that was the point, to get it right."

"The year for me, on an individual level, has been very good and exciting and there is no better way to end the year than like this.”

Javier Aguirre 

"A bit strange because we lost a ball in the middle and it reminded me of the match against Cádiz, in which we left with a shot against. I started to suffer when in reality, we had started the match very well and we didn't deserve to go behind on the scoreboard." 

"I don't remember the time difference between their goal and ours, but it was important that we didn't get down and that emotionally we were strong. We were going for everything, we knew it was our chance and that it was the end of the year and we wanted to give the fans a joy." 

"Today the ball went in. We had eight shots on goal. Their goalkeeper was pretty good and in the end the team played a good game, although their final goal was too much for me.”

Antonio Sánchez 

"We know that the set piece gives many points and also takes them away and during the week we work on it. The coaching staff emphasizes that because they know that at the end of the season it adds up to a lot of points for or against you."

"It's true that it's been a while since I played so many minutes. In the end I think it is that Antonio is the minimum that should be seen on the pitch  and from there try to grow and help the team with the rest." 

"We knew it was important to go to the break with this feeling that we have been carrying for some time and the truth is that the team has come out very committed from the beginning."

Antonio Raillo 

"As a defender I want to keep a clean sheet and that's what we like. We leave happy for the three points, but I'm angry because in the end two goals against are mistakes that should be corrected and not happen.”

"This team can't be reproached for what they work for, for what they run, for what they suffer. We can be criticised for not being accurate. You analyse it and we had a lot of chances. It's fair say we have won that game.”

"To be honest, I'd rather keep a clean sheet than score goals. Dani and I have been together for many years, we looked at each other and I told him to put it here because I'm on my own and it was perfect.”