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Abdón, Jaume Costa, Copete and Aguirre reflect on the 1-1 draw with Cadiz CF

Find out what the trio and our boss had to say after the point

Abdón, Jaume Costa, Jose Copete and Javier Aguirre were on post-match media duties after our 1-1 draw with Cadiz CF. Find out what the players and boss had to say below: 

Abdón Prats 

 "Obviously it's always good to win, but of course, we wanted the three points just like all the thousands who came to the stadium. We have to keep working like this. I see my teammates training and it's amazing. I'm very proud of everyone.

 "They didn't come here to play football. They had the foul and Rajkovic didn't have to intercept any more balls.

"My feeling is that it will be a great Sunday and there will be a party at the end. We have to go out as we are in Mallorca and giving everything for the club.” 

Jaume Costa 

"It is a bittersweet taste. I think we all think the same. But I'm happy because we have seen a competitive Mallorca, a tough Mallorca, a Mallorca that has been practically alone on the field. We have been better than Cádiz from minute one, I think they came here to tie the game because that's what they told me before, I'm not making it up. 

"We have to keep going, we have to try to get three points. We need it now. I think we are doing enough to get three points. It's true that now we have three crucial matches at home.” 

Jose Copete 

"The only team that wanted to win today was Mallorca. Sometimes football is unfair and we couldn't win because of certain points. They had a shot on goal and we had the ball and we tried.

"The team has competed a lot, the divided balls, you can't reproach anyone for anything and on Sunday the three points are sure to come."

 Javier Aguirre 

"The team is focused, the team is united, it is strong, we train well... well, we continue to get points. We haven't been relegated for 50 games.

"From now on, we have to think about Alavés and know that it will be a complicated match, like this one, with different characteristics.”