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The RCD Mallorca falls 1-3 in a match full of adversities

RCD Mallorca has lost 1-3 against Albacete Balompié in a match in which they have had to row from minute 3. At that time, Rey Manaj has finished off a goal in the first action of the match. The RCD Mallorca has been remade of that initial blow and has come with good football to the area of ​​Tomeu Nadal. The clearest occasion was for Àlex López, who finished off the crossbar with good offensive action from the vermilions. Lago Junior has also created a lot of danger from the left wing, like Aridai on the right or Salva Sevilla on his arrivals to the area. Tomeu Nadal and the defense has repelled Mallorquinist attacks.

A clash between Manaj and Xisco has left our captain lying on the ground for about ten minutes. Campos has had to leave the pitch with a Grade 1 head trauma and Martin Valjent has relieved him in the field.

Nothing else to start the second time, new setback for the RCD Mallorca by the expulsion by direct red of Antonio J. Raíllo. The referee has considered that the center-back has hit Zozulia. Despite playing with ten, Lago Junior has put the tables on the scoreboard with a shot that has deflected an opponent in the 51st minute. Albacete has broken the tie again nine minutes after the equalizer. Acuña has scored and RCD Mallorca has tried it to the end, putting everything on the pitch and the public has claimed two penalties in the Tomeu Nadal area. Acuña, former vermilion player, has broken the possibility of a draw with a goal on 1-3 in the 90th minute.

RCD Mallorca: Reina, Fran Gámez, Raíllo, Xisco Campos (Valjent, 45 '), Salva Ruiz; Aridai (Merveil, 73 '), Marc Pedraza, Salva Sevilla, Lago Junior; Àlex López and Carlos Castro (Dani Rodríguez, 51 ').

Goals: 0-1 Manaj, 3 '; 1-1 Lake, 51 '; 1-2 Acuña, 60 '; 1-3 Acuña, 90 '.