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Training Center

Ciudad Deportiva Antonio Asensio has been the official training ground of RCD Mallorca’s senior side and academy teams since its inauguration in August 1998. Having previously trained on rented pitches for 85 years, the founding of the centre is an important part of the club’s history and has been a cornerstone to success.

Under the municipality of Mallorca’s capital Palma and located next to the urban motorway in Sóller, teams at all levels associated to RCD Mallorca carry out their day-to-day preparations for fixtures on the pitches of Son Bibiloni. Since moving from the first team’s former stadium Lluís Sitjar in 2007/08, the main pitch at Ciudad Deportiva Antonio Asensio is also the official home of the academy side and boasts a stand constructed in 2006 capable of holding a maximum capacity of 1200 fans. 

Development at the centre has not stopped there as the club has progressively added pitches, totalling four playing areas of natural and artificial turf as of 2019. The commitment to continued improvement from  RCD Mallorca has made it one of the finest training grounds in Europe and has played host to several teams including: Inter Milan, Chelsea, Hertha Berlin, Sevilla FC and the Spanish and German national sides. Off the pitch, players have access to two state-of-the-art gymnasiums, therapeutic pool, hydromassage, sauna, jacuzzi and medical and physical therapy rooms to ensure they are in the best condition possible to perform.

Together with employee offices and a total of nine changing rooms on site, up to 50 journalists often visit twice a week in a multi-functional press conference room equipped with radio and television connections, lighting and speakers. Aside from the media, the site is regularly used for video analysis and team meetings for the academy.

Following Robert Sarver and Andy Kohlberg’s takeover of RCD Mallorca, the club has further enhanced facilities with the ultimate aim of maximising the potential at youth level and providing the best possible space for existing professionals to develop. Alongside new turf for pitches, the construction of a Players Lounge has been a particularly notable addition to Ciudad Deportiva Antonio Asensio. A communal zone equipped with a seated area for eating, a modernised kitchen with tailored nutrition to each player and a room featuring Playstations, TV’s and a pool table for occupants to unwind. Next to the Players Lounge is a meeting room for directors, coaches and players to use.

The latest project underway at the centre is the construction of a youth residency for 20 players in order to in-corporate promising talent situated off the island. The scheme will have youngsters lodge at the residency, receive education from professors and dedicate themselves fully to improving as professionals but also as young adults.

Ciudad Deportiva Antonio Asensio strives not only to provide the optimal conditions for improvement at all levels but also meet the needs of everyone involved at the club.

Dimensions: 7.140 m² (105 x 68)

Training areas (5): 665,38 m²

Social club: 331,34 m²

Press conference room: 40,8 m²

Professional changing room: 516,84 m²

Other changing rooms: 400 m²