Watch Our Feature-Length Documentary: ‘Vicente Moreno: 1000 Days With Us’

The story behind the boss’ rise to management is soon to be available on our streaming service RCD Mallorca +

We’re proud to announce the release of ‘Vicente Moreno: 1000 Days With Us’; the first feature-length documentary to be launched on our new streaming service, RCD Mallorca +. 

Spanning across four cities and totalling 12 interviews from family, team-mates and his current coaching staff, the film chronicles the boss’ journey from growing up in his hometown Massanassa, becoming a professional footballer, captaining CD Xerez to their first and only promotion to the Primera División and then transitioning into management in Andalusia then later Tarragona and Mallorca.

Coinciding with the 1000-day milestone Moreno recently reached as our manager, you’ll be able to access this exclusive 27-minute documentary from April 1st on RCD Mallorca + in Spanish, English and Catalan.

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