Vicente Moreno: “Getafe CF have a lot of potential”

The boss spoke at his pre-match press conference about the quality of this weekend's opposition

Vicente Moreno believes our trip to Getafe CF on Sunday will be one of the toughest challenges his side have faced this season. 

The Madrid-based club were one of last year's over-achievers with a fifth-place finish, and despite a slow start the campaign, the boss is well aware of the qualities the opposition possess. 

“They changed their starting XI and won,” he said. “I have said they are a good team and with a combination of different players. We are talking about a team with a lot of potential as last year they were close to getting fourth place. 

“Pepe Bordalás is a mirror in which I see a lot of the same feelings he has had, both in the first and second division. He has merit for coming and doing what he has done and I hope my teams perform like his do. Getafe is one of the teams that make you happy, they came from the second division and have done the right things."

With four points from in as many games so far in La Liga, Moreno says he has been pleased with how his team have adjusted to the demands of a higher league.

“We would have liked to have won the four games but we are competing and all of the teams are very close. Win or no win, I prefer to feel good but that doesn’t guarantee you anything. You have to be natural, if you seeing the table is everything and with more success and luck materialising in the future we would have got ourselves more points.”

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