Vicente Moreno: ‘Everything we had was left out on the pitch and that's how it's got to be’

The boss shared his thoughts on the defeat to Atlético de Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano

We had a night to forget in the capital as we suffered a 3-0 loss to Atlético de Madrid in our fight for survival. Vicente Moreno reflected on his side’s performance, where that leaves us in the table and a controversial penalty decision in his post-match press conference. Find out what he had to say below:

On the game...

"As always, within the interests of one another, there is no opinion on the penalty. The second goal hurt more because the team was doing well. It's not the same leaving the pitch at 1-0 as it is with a 2-0 scoreline before the break. Many times, in games where you think you can do more, mistakes reduce your chances of winning. The team has gone to great lengths and affronted [the challenge]. It was a chance to win, but now we’ll have to look at other teams, and from there, think about Thursday.

“How I feel about the team is that, despite the setbacks, it’s picked itself up and was competing. Beyond the result, the team has had a great match against a team like Atlético de Madrid. The margin is narrowing and, unfortunately, that’s down to our merit. We have to take care of those mistakes and now it's clear. We're five points away [from safety] and the more mistakes you make, the harder it's going to be to get the goal. We have a strong group and the team won't get carried away. Everything we have is left out there and that's how it's going to be.

 “We came here with winning in our minds and from what I've seen of the players, that was the intention. We’re the most var-reviewed team and we're not having that luck. The balance of penalties has gone against us more than it has gone in favour, but that’ not an excuse."

On the time and our fight for survival...

"We have to win Thursday's game. If we win, I’d like to think we'll be better off than where we are now. The calendar is what it is. It’s difficult and there's the reality of having attempted to win games and in some days having deserved that.”

"These six days give us breathing space. The data is better than it was before confinement. Despite playing so often, the effort and player data is very good. We're going to have a little respite and we're going to be able to work with a little more margin.

“The reality is that we have to win the remaining 12 points. We have to think about the Levante. If we win, and although what we see is dark today, we can see some light in the current situation. In La Liga, every opposition is difficult. Points aren’t give in the table, you have to play them. Now we’ll face a team that is who it is and we have to win. We must remain on along this line and make sure things are good come the end of that trajectory.”

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