The last few months have been very difficult for our club, our fans and the local community. Relegation is a tough setback in the very ambitious plans we had for the club and it is certainly not the scenario we had envisaged when we took over the club in January 2016.


The last few weeks have given us the opportunity to reflect deeply on the mistakes we committed in order to hopefully learn from them and improve. The current situation also gives us an opportunity to rebuild our club on healthier and sounder foundations and we are therefore looking to the future with enthusiasm and confidence in our ability to fulfil our fans’ dreams soon.


“This past season was a big disappointment. Our club did not perform at the level our fans deserve. It was not for a lack of emotional or financial support, but our overall sporting decision making and execution was poor and led to our relegation "said Robert Sarver.


Sarver continued "we entered this project with big dreams and the understanding that it will take time and a lot of financial resources to rebuild the Club. The reality is we have now taken a step back in the process and will have to work that much harder."


Along the same lines, Andy Kohlberg stated “despite a disappointing season, we remain committed to working harder and smarter to bring RCD Mallorca back up to Segunda and then La Liga. We sincerely appreciate the support of all the fans, sponsors, and government officials, and we will continue to work together to achieve our long term goals for the club. The management team is committed to hiring a top notch coach and improving our results on the pitch so that all supporters can be proud of the club as we pursue this journey together.”


Steve Nash remains excited and passionate about the project: “It's been disappointing to see the club move backwards but we're passionate and determined to improve in all areas in order to rise to the great level this club has achieved in the past. While we have made some mistakes we're learning all the time will continue to fight for improvement.”


Nash continued “the training facility has improved and our academy is producing talented youngsters including a few who have been involved in national team camps at their age level. We feel a tremendous honor to move this club forward due to its beautiful history and by improving the sporting culture and building a winning attitude and environment we will continue to grow and win our fans over. The hard work ahead of us is inspiring and a great opportunity to reset and rebuild.”


Maheta Molango acknowledged he feels fortunate to count on the ownership financial and emotional support and stated "last season was very disappointing for our club and I would like to once again take responsibility for the situation and apologize to our fans. We are committed to learn from our mistakes, continue strengthening the foundations of our club and work hard to bring back RCD Mallorca to Segunda as soon as possible".


The club would like to use this opportunity to make the following announcements:


  1. The club has accepted the resignation of Monti Galmes as Board President and wishes to thank him for his dedication and efforts.


  1. The club has commenced a search for a new Board President and will look for an individual with an accomplished football resume whose expertise can enhance the sporting decision making process.


  1. Maheta Molango will remain as CEO of the Club.


  1. Javier Recio will remain as Sporting Director of the Club.


  1. The Club has hired Mr. Vicente Moreno as new manager for the upcoming 2017/2018 season and he will be officially presented to the press tomorrow at 1pm at the Iberostar stadium. Moreno has a solid and proven track record in Segunda B as well as Segunda A and we are delighted that he accepted our offer to join our ambitious project.


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19/04/2020 16:36 | First Team / RCD Mallorca

Club Statement: COVID-19

The first-team squad and manager have agreed to take a 15% annual pay reduction should competitive football not resume this season

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