Luis García Plaza: “I have to congratulate my players. I’m very proud”

The boss reflected on our draw with Villarreal CF in his post-match press conference

Luis García Plaza spoke to the media at his post-match press conference following our goalless draw against Villarreal CF. Find out what the boss had to say about the performance, the defence and the fans.

On the match...

"The players made a brutal effort. For the first quarter of an hour we didn't know how to stop them. We changed the system three times with the same players and from then on the match was even. In the second half it was like our match in Bilbao - I thought we could win.

“Villarreal made four changes and you think 'what is going to came at us?’ because those who come off are as good as those who go in, but the players are very committed to the club and to what we do on a daily basis.

"We weren't finding ourselves, we had problems controlling their game, although afterwards we came in with more confidence. In any case I have to congratulate my players for the effort they have made. Given the circumstances, I’m very proud of all of them.

"Emery put two strikers up front to take advantage of the situation of the centre backs and created a lot of doubts for us. We started with a 4-4-2 then with a 4-1-4-1, and until we put two positional midfielders we couldn’t control them.

“In the first half we weren't good with the ball, but we grew to be looser. In this division it is very difficult to win. Villarreal CF has not won, for example. We have only lost one game, we have three clean sheets and this helps you get points. In the end, we were not fortunate enough to take advantage of the opportunities we created.” 

On the defenders...

"I've read around who could play at centre back and you didn't get it right. I wasn't sure, but Oliván played a great game. Sometimes in  football there are people who have a lot of qualities, but concentration, knowing how to handle yourself, knowing your limitations - that makes you grow. 

"Jaume Costa drove me crazy. With 20 minutes to go he told me that he needed a change and he told me that his calves were flaring up. I made the changes at the end. He has been very good, until his calves lasted. He is a player who knows how to be there, has experience and he will be very good for us during the season.

"Maffeo has felt something in his quadriceps, but I don't know. He will have picked up something. He will miss some games and we hope to recover some other players.”

On the fans...

"They are vital for us. I give a ten out of ten to the players and also to the fans. They are going to be very important from now until the end because the day we can't win, we still have to get points."

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