Aleksandar Sedlar: How COVID-19 has changed training for footballers

The defender gave us an insight into the protocol of a professional footballer following lockdown in an exclusive interview with Play Red

Aleksandar Sedlar has revealed what training is now like following the COVID-19 outbreak. 

In accordance with the health and safety requirements enforced by the government and La Liga at Son Bibiloni following our return to work after almost two months of remote sessions at home, Sedlar outlined a typical day in the life of a footballer post-lockdown.

“There’s a lot of protocol,” he told Play Red. “When you go to the training ground, you have to come with gloves and masks. When you enter through there, they take your temperature in the morning. Every pitch has a parking so you can be closer to your training ground.

“You have to go to the pitch, take off the mask and gloves, sit on your chair, change the boots and prepare for training. We have good conditions at our training ground and for us it’s not so hard. Everything is waiting for us there prepared so we can just come, work hard and then go home. After the mask and gloves go back on and you leave Son Bibiloni.”

Now in phase three of full training after a gradual transition from early fitness work, Sedlar says he and is team-mates didn’t need long to find their rhythm once again. 

“The first day was difficult and strange, but this is like riding a bicycle: you don’t forget this stuff,” he said. “We started the first two or three days just running. We were in running shoes and the first two or three days were like that. Then it was groups of six people and you cannot even come close to other guys.

“Now it’s 10 players per group and we can make contact and go in for duels. We can play four-against-four or five-against-five. We’re moving forwards everyday so it’s great. One group works with one coach, and the second group with the other coach and then we always change. One group will work on running or like outside gym work, and another group on tactics and shooting.

“I think we'll need every player. Eleven games in just 35 days I guess, so we'll have to work hard. I hope everyone will be healthy, but I think everyone will get a chance. Everybody who I see on the training ground is more than ready. We’re working hard, we’re happy and very lucky to have this conditioning and to have everything prepared for us.”

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