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Veterans Association

The RCD Mallorca Veterans Association was created in 1993 and represents the living history of the club. Featuring players who have worn out colours throughout periods in the First, Second and Third Division, the society has amounted over 150 members to date. Divided between three types of partners, the format exists as such: 

The RCD Mallorca Veterans Association’s headquarters are situated at the Iberostar Stadium and from there organise visits and fixtures with organisations in order to promote Mallorca’s history both on and off the island while helping foster moral, lifestyle and sporting values of younger generations.

The Association executes countless initiatives that go beyond the above outline and continue to work in collaboration with the public and club.

RCD Mallorca Veterans Association Hierarchy:


President: Julià Mir Pons
First Vice President: Sebastià Company Murgas
Second Vice President: José Martínez Martín “Trobiani”
Third Vice President: Raul Pareja León.
Secretary: Pedro Munar Vidal
Treasurer: Sebastià Company Murgas
Accountant: Manuel Liébana Gómez
Legal Advisor: José Luis Jiménez Escalas
Communications: Pep Calvo Buades




José Gálvez Estévez
José Jaume Alzamora
Ignacio Goyenechea Ocariz “Chea”
Miguel Bennasar Mojer “Molondro”
Antonio Sánchez Moreno
Bartolomé Pascual Rosselló
Juan Miralles Julio
Jordi Borrell Munar
Miguel A. Moragues Pol




Address: Iberostar Estadio, Camí dels Reis s / n 07011 Palma de Mallorca, Baleares (Spain)
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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28 JAN

14:00 Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla


Day19 Cádiz CF - RCD Mallorca

29 JAN

11:00 Son Bibiloni


Entrenamiento a puerta cerrada.

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