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Brotherhood Alfonsino

The ‘Hermandad de Alfonsinos de la Real Sociedad Alfonso XIII’ - translated as the ‘Brotherhood of Alfonso of Real Sociedad Alfonso XIII’ - was founded in 1960 to maintain the legend of club founder Alfonso Vázquez. Despite being in existence for almost half a century, it was not until the 2nd of April 2003 that the group became charitable and an integrated part of club culture and has since evolved into a major part of events at Son Moix. 


President: Pep Ginard

Vice President 1a: Amaia Caldentey

Vice President 2n: Andrés Puigcercós

Treasury: Pep Lluís Palmer

Secretary: María del Carmen Vargas

Figures: Joan Forteza, Guillem Ginard, Gabriel Sampol, Rafel Bauzá, Antonio Oliver, José María Lafuente, Jaume Alemany y Miquel Company.

MLL / Weekly Agenda

09 DEC

10:30 Son Bibiloni


Entrenamiento a puerta cerrada.

10 DEC

12:30 Son Bibiloni

Partido de entrenamiento

Partido de entrenamiento vs Mainz 05

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