Vicente Moreno: "We were missing the piece of luck to score tonight'

The manager spoke to the assembled press following RCD Mallorca's 0-0 draw with Athletic Bilbao

Vicente Moreno discussed RCD Mallorca's goalless draw against Athetlic Bilbao following a frenetic injury time full of drama. Here's what he had to say: 

"The number of chances we're creating will convert into goals and our luck will change. We are finishing well but tonight we missed that piece of luck to score a goal tonight. Abdón was the hero of our promotion and today he didn't have any luck in scoring but that doesn't mean he has less importance. 

"We will continue with all the humility that we have and that push from our fans is very important. If you evaluate the game we just played against a great team, they didn't score against us despite having the chance to. The team competed and will continue to do so in this manner. 

"We have matured this match and we had additional chances besides the penalty."

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